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RVC 66 Reunion 2023 held at The Crown, Lanlivery, Cornwall


The 2023 Reunion hosted by Jonathan Stirling and organised by Reg Balmer was held at the The Crown, Lanlivery, Cornwall on Wednesday 13th September


John & Jane Butt
Mike & Sandie Roper
Izzy & Ian McLeod
Reg & Biddy Balmer
Jim & Di Read
Joan Lewis
Adrian Longstaffe
Stuart Lake
Peter Bedford
Jerry Kew
Gurth & Di Scriven
Peter & Sally Howard
Jonathan & Maggie Stirling

Jonathan Stirling had offered to host Reunion 2023 at The Crown in Lanlivery owned by his daughter Joanna and her husband Tim so we were assured of a comfortable and friendly family experience.

Unfortunatley Jonathan was beset by a number of health issues during the year and Reg took up the reins using his organisational skills to bring the event together.

Many of us arrived on Tuesday and were able to enjoy a wonderfully warm sunny day on Wednesday to visit Polkerris for lunch at The Rashleigh Inn.

In the evening a few more colleagues joined us for an excellent 3 course meal followed by cheese and in some cases an ample sufficiency of red wine!

The event was generally agreed to have been a great success and Adrian Longstaffe (God willing!) has offered to host Reunion 2024.

The Dinner

Appolgies for amateur photography!

Reunion 2023 RVC 66 Reunion 2023 RVC 66 Reunion 2023 RVC 66 Reunion 2023 RVC 66 Reunion 2023 RVC 66 Reunion 2023 RVC 66 Reunion 2023 RVC 66
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