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Guest list

RVC 66 Group 2016

The trusty bunch who made it

Austin, Tony & Lee
Balmer, Reg & Biddy
Bedford, Pete & Tea
Bradley, Richard
Butt, John & Jane
Carter, Alan
Cox, Brian & Barry Holmes
Howard, Peter & Sally
Kew, Jerry & Jill
Kieran, Peter & Jan
Lake, Stuart & Vivienne
Lewis, Joan
Longstaff, Adrian
McLeod, Isobel & Ian
Millichap, Norman & Elizabeth
Read, Jim & Di
Richards, Pete & Judy
Robertson, Henry
Robinson, Penny
Roper, Mike & Sandie
Shingleton, Dave & Betty
Torr, Godfrey & Patricia
Totterdell, Gordon & Nichola
Wheeler, Peter & Sue


Those who showed interest but could not make it

Doug Death was keen to come all the way from NZ but was detained by a knee replacement.
Mike & Judy Nagele coming with Sandra & Richard Woodhall had to withdraw for health reasons.
Alistair Gray & Chris Gregson might have both come but have been in poor health.
Gurth & Diana Scriven had last minute family obligations.
Bertie & Angie Mason had last minute family obligations.
Bob Bradley’s wife's knee got in the way but he manged to come to Hawkshead.
Jonathan & Maggie Stirling had last minute family obligations in Ireland.
Lastly Grahame Forth contracted a very bad cold.